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Bassetts Ice Cream

America's Oldest Ice Creamery Still Family Owned

Since 1861, the Bassett family has made one of the world's finest super premium ice creams. Starting in the backyard of his Salem, New Jersey farm with a mule-turned ice cream churn, Lewis Dubois Bassett, began a tradition with his ice cream.

Bassetts Ice Cream with sixteen and a half percent butterfat, is rich, creamy and made with only the finest ingredients available.

Butter Pecan

Bassetts doesn't use pecan bits with this popular flavor.  Bassetts uses only masted pecan halves to add a surprise in every bite.

Butterscotch Vanilla

Swirls of rich butterscotch laced through creamy Bassetts vanilla ice cream make a taste treat never forgotten.

Champagne Sorbet

Shh! Here’s the secret—this fantastic flavor is made with real champagne. Eight bottles are used in every 50 gallons of this taste-tempting flavor.

Cherry Vanilla

This popular ice cream is made with natural cherry juice and plump Northwestern black cherries for a marvelously rich and delicious treat.


Bassetts Ice Cream uses nothing but Dutch cocoa in making this so choclaty dessert.


This unique but delicious ice cream has an intense cinnamon flavor. It is a delectable accompaniment to any pie, cake or just savor the unusual taste all by itself.


Made with pure Brazilian coffee beans.

Cookies and Cream

A classic! Bassetts Vanilla Ice Cream with chunks of chocolate sandwich cookies.

Dark Chocolate Chip

Super sweet chocolate ice cream blended with semi sweet chocolate chips.

Double Chocolate

This ice cream is made with 50% more Rona cocoa than our regular chocolate ice cream, for an extra rich chocolate flavor.

French Vanilla

Some vanilla ice creams are made with vanilla bean specks. Some vanilla ice creams are made with egg yolks. Our rich French Vanilla ice cream is made with both.


Gadzooks! Bassetts decadent chocolate ice cream with pieces of Brownie Points peanut butter brownies, chocolate chunks and a rich caramel swirl.

Guatamalan Ripple

Guatamalan Ripple - is a Guatemalan-sourced coffee ice cream with mocha fudge ripple, blended with mini-coffee filled chocolates.

Gadzooks Blanc

Gadzooks Blanc - Bassetts classic vanilla ice cream with pieces of Brownie Points peanut butter brownies, chocolate chunks and a rich caramel swirl. It's a classic twist on the original Gadzooks    

Irish Coffee

Jameson Irish Whiskey? Really? Yes, Bassetts has a few 'spiked' ice cream flavors and this is one of them.

Matcha (Green Tea)

Green Tea is a matcha flavored ice cream and is one of Bassetts’ top selling new flavors.

Moose Tracks

Moose Tracks — Bassetts creamy vanilla and rich chocolate ice creams swirled together and blended with miniature peanut butter cups.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Semi-sweet chocolate chips are added to this wonderfully rich mint ice cream.

Raspberry Truffle

Rich vanilla ice cream is swirled with raspberry sauce and mixed with raspberry filled chocolate truffles.

Rum Raisin

Our most adult flavor. Plump juicy raisins are soaked in rum and then added to our world famous vanilla ice cream for a seductive taste.


The summer sweetness of ripe red strawberries are blended with sweet cream to make Bassetts famous strawberry delight.

The WHYY Experience

The WHYY! is an original recipe idea from a public broadcasting community in Philadelphia that came to Bassetts to make their dream ice cream a reality. The WHYY starts off with vanilla ice cream. Then its loaded with chocolate pretzels and swirled with sweet rich butterscotch. They actually call it The WHYY Experience because its just that, an experience never encountered with ice cream.


This vanilla flavor is made with madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and sweet fudge.

Other Flavors

Butter Almond
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Marshmallow
Egg Nog*
Heath Bar® Crunch
Macadamia Nut
Mocha Chip
Peach Yogurt
Peanut Butter Cup
Peanut Butter Swirl
Pralines & Cream
Raspberry Sorbet
Pomegranate Blueberry Chunk
Peanut Butter Cup
Gutamalan Ripple


Bassetts is a 16.5% Butterfat product

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